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You have many responsibilities and tasks with limited time. We can help. Call us when:

  • you need an independent advisor to provide you and your team with an "out-side-in" perspective.
  • you need an experienced professional with specific skills to complete a project team.
  • you need a cohesive team to execute a defined project.
  • you need a project manager to guide your internal team

We work successfully with clients in all of these scenarios providing them with access to a network of talent that spans the globe. In this way, we are committed to get the job done and achieve successful outcomes.

  • Clinical trial management 
  • Medical affairs strategy
  • Portfolio assessment and optimization
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Strategy



 What we do

  • Clinical strategy assessment and Optimization
  • Market analysis  
  • Commercialization strategy
  • Competitive intelligence  
  • Comprehensive landscape assessment

Biotech MedPartners provides a Comprehensive business development activity with over 10 years’ global experience in healthcare.

The process to setup a subsidiary in the United States is complex but the result can lead to significant benefits for a foreign corporation including access to the largest healthcare’s market, raise local venture capital, grants & funding, build research’s alliances and otherwise expand BD activities and its global presence.
Companies often need to adapt to the local culture and demand. They also need country managers who will take responsibilities of the new subsidiary in the US and build the right positioning and the right team.
As a market-entry specialist with a specific range of services, Biotech MedPartners has an exceptional knowledge that is shared generously with our clients. Several of our team members have set and manage successfully foreign subsidiaries themselves. They are therefore in a unique position to share their own expertise.

We have also assembled a unique network of independent solution providers carefully chosen in accordance to their track-record of working with foreign companies in the US and of course shared business values with Biotech MedPartners. These partners enable our clients to save time in the setting up phase of their US subsidiary and also to benefit from preferential terms negotiated by Biotech MedPartners leveraging the buying power of many clients.

We always consider ourselves as part of your team and your success is our main driver.

If you have questions about foreign business or other corporate matters, please contact any member of Biotech MedPartners at