Biotech MedPartners


Why are we different ?

1. We specialize in Healthcare. Biotech MedPartners is an independent strategy consulting & advisory services for the life sciences industry only.

2. Our experienced consultants are strategically matched for each engagement by Biotech MedPartners management who oversees the engagement.

3. Biotech MedPartners’ contact network is the larger in the Biopharmaceutical industry.

4. We facilitate ongoing two-way communication with our client enabling better engagement deliverables and overall better business outcomes.

5. We have earned our reputation for ethics because we see integrity and strict confidentiality as an essential part of our boutique consulting firm.



Through the engagement, Biotech MedPartners and our client partners establish a sense of appreciation for each other, as well as a mutual confidence. Our client continue to re-engage Biotech MedPartners and via word-of-mouth have extended our relationships within their own broader organizations. Furthermore, via strong and reliable recommendations, and an established track record of success, Biotech MedPartners continues to grow its client base with a careful attention to avoid any conflicts of interest within the same therapeutic area. The guidelines and procedures that we use to manage appropriately and prevent any conflict of interest are not possible within a big consulting firm.

We aim to build enduring relationships with all our clients by providing quality services that meets their changing needs over the lifecycle. It’s important to remember that continually reviewing your strategy is essential and Biotech MedPartners seeks to be your trusted and valued consulting partner for the long term.


Once firmly engaged, Biotech MedPartners and its client partners formally kick-off engagements with either in-person on-site or virtual kick-offs. We seek to comprehensively understand the basis and reasoning of your issues and base knowledge so we may springboard and complete with our own understanding of the situation. The Biotech MedPartners leadership team is available literally 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our team of veteran clinical, regulatory & commercial experts combined synergistically with our business knowhow and analytical capabilities positions us to deliver the highest class of actionable insight and strategy. Unlike other consulting firms, we have been on the side of the table where our clients sit.

Our unique understanding of biopharmaceutical businesses spans from lab bench to boardroom. This positions us well to interact effectively with people at all levels in organizations to create workable solutions. You and your organization will strongly benefit from our collaborative work and definitely measure the return on investment on your crucial business objectives.


Understanding the complete engagement process from engagement planning and kick-off to its completion is critical to an engagement’s success. Biotech MedPartners fixed the bar higher affording our engagements to deliver significantly greater key deliverables for our client partners.

We meticulously respond to request for proposal / quotation in a detailed and elaborated method, corresponding to Biotech MedPartners’ commitment to client centricity and best-in-class consulting services. Following this, we openly communicate with our client partners to establish the rationale as to why Biotech MedPartners is your consulting choice.