Biotech MedPartners



Focus Therapy Area Experience


•Central nervous system  



•Infectious diseases  

Rare diseases


We work broadly across therapy areas.

We have a detailed understanding across the therapy landscape both from a clinical and commercial perspective.

We have served a broad range of market segments across the healthcare space.


Biotech MedPartners is unique among biotechnology strategy consultants, in developing accurate analysis, creative strategies and actionable implementation plans.


We work to create competitive advantage for our clients by developing innovative and differentiated strategies at the corporate, portfolio and brand levels of medical and life science businesses. We also provide valuation and due diligence services to companies, investors and private equity.

We combine deep understanding of the science and business pathway underpinning our clients' products with strong clinical and commercial insights. Our approach is highly participative and we work closely with our clients to ensure that our processes and findings are fully integrated into client teams.

Our staff and clients are based on four continents, enabling us to bring global insights and recommendations to complex issues.

Expertise in Healthcare

OUR experts share characteristics

Biotech MedPartners are passionate about their work

They are at the top of their game and have chosen to pursue careers that give them control over their professional lives, and flexibility to pursue their passions. They are driven by impact and achieving concrete results.


02. Biotech MedPartners have depth of talent and experience.

Most of our experts have both top-tier consulting experience and line management experience with a leading company. The majority of our experts have between 15 – 25 years of experience and a demonstrated track record of success in their field.


03. Biotech MedPartners are a select group.

Each experts in our network has undergone rigorous screening, and is exceptional in his or her field. We enjoy working together, making Biotech MedPartners one of the most discerning consulting firms in the world. 

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